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Are you looking to estimate your monthly house payments?

If so, there is no better tool to utilize than a mortgage calculator.

Mortgage calculators help property owners everywhere by inputting several variables to spit out information on monthly payments. These variables include taxes, insurance, principal, private mortgage insurance, interest, and more.

With a mortgage calculator, you can look at your monthly payments and get an idea of how they will change as your interest rate, home price, down payment, and loan term continues to evolve.

Benefits Of Using A Mortgage Calculator

How much can I afford to pay for my house?

This question is one of the main ones that we receive at Arvada Mortgage Brokers. Your monthly mortgage payment will likely be the largest out of all of the living costs that you incur.

Using a mortgage calculator to calculate your monthly mortgage payments is beneficial for several reasons. For starters, a mortgage calculator can help provide insight into how you might afford your home, given different scenarios.

Are you looking to refinance your home?

A mortgage calculator can provide you with the necessary information.

Let’s look at a few reasons why a mortgage calculator might be of benefit to you:

  • Come to Terms With Your Term Length: One significant mortgage decision you will make is your term’s length. A 30-year fixed mortgage might be a reliable option if you are looking to lower your monthly payments. With that said, you will end up paying greater interest throughout the loan’s life. A 15-year fixed mortgage, on the other hand, can reduce the total interest you will see throughout a loan. It is important to note that a 15-year fixed mortgage will cost you more monthly.
  • Are Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Right For You?: Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) utilize “teaser rates.” Teaser rates are simply interest rates that could potentially be perfect for you when you begin your mortgage payments, though that rate has the potential to increase or decrease over time. A 5/1 ARM might be a good option if your living plan for that specific home is short term. Understanding your monthly mortgage payment once your teaser rate expires is extremely helpful.
  • Putting Down The Right Amount: Down payments typically have a 3% minimum, which makes putting down small payments easy. However, if you want to reduce your interest rate over the years, you might want to put more money down to start. Mortgage calculators work well for this.

Finding The Home You’ve Been Searching For

One of our main goals here at Arvada Mortgage Brokers is creating a streamlined and straightforward mortgage process for our clients. 

We want our first-time homebuyers out there to have a clear idea of what they can expect when navigating through the mortgage process. For our clients to become creditworthy borrowers, we need to educate them.

Have you been tirelessly searching for a top-notch mortgage broker to work within the Arvada area?

If so, make sure to contact us here at Arvada Mortgage Brokers. 

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